Yesterday I was pulling into a gas station near my home and I saw two blind people with canes standing at the intersection wanting to cross the road. This is a particularly hard intersection to cross as it is a 5-way intersection. I could see that these two people were confused by the traffice (which was heavy, drive-time traffic) and probably had been standing there a while.

So I pulled into a pump at the gas station and got out of my car to head over and give them some help. Before I could get two steps another car pulled in from the road, parked in the parking lot and a man got out and headed directly for these two people. He was not going to the gas station, but just happened to be driving by and stopped to help.

As it turns out, these two people were headed to the gas station convenience store to buy something. So the man gave them an arm and walked them across the intersection and all the to the door of the convenience store. And then, after I had a brief conversation with him and commented on his kindness, he got in his car and continued on his way.

Well done, Sir.

With all the negative stuff you hear/read in the news it is hard to remember that random acts of kindness happen everyday. They go unnoticed and unreported, but they are there. Witnessing vignettes like this help restore a faith in humans better nature.

BTW - Since I was gassing up the car anyway, I waited for them to come out of the store and I got them back to the other side of the intersection.