We spent last weekend at Luminhaus, the very first LV Home built in the US. I have been interested in building an LV Home for years, and I was thrilled when I stumbled upon this rental only a few hours from our home.

The LV Home is the brainchild of Rocio Romero, an architect based in Missouri. It is sold as a prefabricated kit. Basically, the frame and siding are assembled at the factory and then shipped to the building site. Once erected, the rest of the finish work is done on site. It seems a very economical way to get an architect-designed home.

The key feature of the home design is the wall of windows on the south side of the building. That, coupled with the open floor plan, provides an airy feel to the space. This home was only 1,200 sq ft - but living area felt much bigger.

We really enjoyed our weekend there. The setting was 6+ acres of private land with some hiking trails and plenty of cool places to sit and relax. We would like to spend more time there than we did on this trip, so a return visit may be in our future.