Circus Ponies has made the announcement that they are closing their doors. They published a unique software app called Notebook. I was a long time user of Notebook and it was one the best apps I have ever used. I will miss it for sure.

I can't say I am surprised at this announcement. While I have years of Notebooks on my drive, I had switched to using Evernote as my repository for my life. I made this switch because of Evernote's ubiquity (It runs on all my devices). Notebook, as good as it was, worked best on my iMac, sort of OK on my iPad, and not at all on my smartphone.

Circus Ponies Notebook was done in by the great paradigm switch to Mobile. As good as it was - and it was a VERY good app - if I could only use it on my desktop computer (or better said, if I couldn't use it on my smartphone) then it was difficult to fit it into my daily workflow.

As I ramped up my use of Evernote, I constantly trolled the Circus Ponies website for any hint of a new version that would give me a reason to return to the fold. I even upgraded to version 4 and purchased the iPad app in the hopes that it would work just well enough that I could drop Evernote. But, alas, release activity slowed to a trickle - and then ceased.

This lack of release activity raised my antenna. And when their discussion forum went dark I put them on a death watch. Periodically and irregularly I would do a Google search to see if there was any announcement. Hoping for a product release announcement, but expecting a closing of the doors. And this morning I saw this:

And so it goes. The demise of Circus Ponies and their outstanding app Notebook will not register with most people. But for me there is a real sadness at coming to this (inevitable) fork in the road. Small eccentric creative iconic apps are getting harder to sustain. I will make a note in my Evernote to be on the look out for the next one.