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Product Ingredients

You can see a complete list of the ingredients used in our IDNutrition product by clicking here.

Product Questions 

Isn’t ID Nutrition just like the vitamins I already take?

No, they are very different. These products are scientifically formulated to help you by providing therapeutic doses of specific nutrients to:

   · Restore nutrients depleted by your Rx program
   · Help your body resist Rx side effects
   · Improve your overall nutrition status thus optimizing your health

Additionally, they have been pre-screened to avoid drug/nutrient interactions that may be present with your current vitamin program.

Can’t I get these products at my Grocery/Pharmacy?

No. These products are only available to you through IDNutrition™.Additionally, no other product today offers these clinically selected ingredients, therapeutic doses, safety, or value.

Isn’t this program expensive?

If you were to purchase these ingredients separately at any retail outlet, assuming you could find them, you would pay an average of 30% more without the convenience of the daily packs or assurance of quality.

How should I take my IDNutrition™ Program?

Take your AM packet with your morning meal and your PM packet with your evening meal. If you forget to take the evening packet, take it the following morning with that day’s AM packet.

What happens if I miss a pack or a full day of packs?

Take the missed pack together with your next pack. If you miss a day, simply start again. The program is designed to provide optimal benefits when taken regularly so set up a routine and place the pack on your kitchen counter or where you would see them each day.

When will the vitamins take effects 

You should begin to see preliminary benefits as early as 10 days. The maximum benefit, however, is usually achieved after 90 days of continuous use.

Are these products FDA approved?

Dietary supplements like IDNutrition™ do not require FDA approval. All of the IDNutrition™ products, however, are manufactured and marketed under strict compliance to FDA guidelines and mandates.



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